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*Note that all forms can also be found in paper form in room 100 of the Williams Center

Overall Club Info

Description of Forms (Coming soon)
Description of all forms in your binder and on this website

Important Dates (Coming soon)
Notification of upcoming events

Club Sports Manual 2018-2019 (Coming soon)
Rules/guidelines of Club Sports


President Agreement
Understanding for what we ask of you, the President
Due Date:
Sep. 6, 2018
Impact: Not an official Club Sport until filled out.

Club Officer Agreement
Understanding for what we ask of you, the Club Officers
Due Date: Sep. 6, 2018
Impact: Not an official Club Sport until filled out.

Club Officer Contact
Having your contact information available to the office
Due Date: Sep. 6, 2018
Impact: No use of SUFAC account until turned in or updated.


Due: All Handouts must be turned in as soon as they are made available to all of the members part of the club

Membership List
Ability to track club members through waivers and ConnectUWW
Impact: No travel or use of facilities and budgets until turned in (ConnectUWW must be updated as well).

Proof for the officers or individual member what is required to pay to participate

Dues Contract
Proof for the officers or individual member what is required to pay to participate
Impact: Suggested form but not mandatory.

Driver Authorization
Approval by UWW for specific students to drive during club functions.  As of October 25, 2017 all forms are ONLINE and must be completed ONLINE at the link below:
Impact: No individual part of the club can drive until they are cleared by the university.
For the list of UWW Aproved Drivers (updated regularly), Click Here:
UW-W Authorized Driver List

Licensing Waiver
(List of Approved Vendors) (Search Whitewater)
These MUST be filled out every time you are having something printed with either the words "UW-Whitewater" or "Warhawks". It must get approved before you print the final product
Due Date: BEFORE you have anything printed
Impact: Failure to get approval to use anything associated with UW-Whitewater will restrict your access to use it in the future.

Accident Report
This must be filled out any time there is some form of injury either in a practice or game
Due Date: Immediately after accident occurs

Club Petition Form
Anytime there are any issues with a club that needs to be brought, this form can be submitted, along with sitting down the Club Sports Director

Year-end Annual Report
This form is to be filled out at the end of the year. It explains what all your club accomplished throughout the school year.
Due Date: Last Monthly meeting of school year
Impact: Failure to turn in a year-end report will restrict all access to being considered a Club Sport the following year.


Tax Exempt
Proof that you as UWW entity have non-taxable rights while traveling within the state

Stu/Fac Deposit
Form used to deposit money into your Stu/Fac account

Taxable and Non-Taxable Items
A listing of all the different items that need to be labeled as either taxable or non-taxable when depositing money into your Stu/Fac account

Stu/Fac Check Request
Form used to request funds be taken out of your Stu/Fac account
Impact: Funds must be cleared by Club Sports Director before they are allocated.

Stu/Fac Account Change of Info
Form used to update the people you want to have access to your accounts
Due Date: Clubs will receive a copy once a month

Travel Expense Report (form is filled out online now - schedule a meeting with Club Sports Coordinator to fill out)
Form used to reimburse individuals out of your SUFAC account
Due Date: Within two business days after traveling


Travel Roster/Itinerary

Let's the Club Sport Office know where you are traveling to and the information about the trip
Due Date: Two days PRIOR to leaving for any traveling
Impact: No club will be allowed to travel until an itinerary and roster for the trip are filled out. If failure to turn in, future traveling may be cancelled.

Post-Travel Report
Update about what happened during the clubs trip
Due Date: Within one business day after traveling
Impact: No club will be allowed to travel following a trip where a report is not handed in.

Home Event Planning
Gives the Club Sports office a heads-up as to what will be happening when you host your event
Due Date: Two days prior to hosting event
Impact: Future home events will not be allowed if there is failure to inform the office of an upcoming event and plans.

Monthly Update
Form used to update the Club Sports office on what your club accomplished or did during that particular month 
Due Date: Due every Club Sports Monthly Meeting
Impact: Access to accounts and the ability to host an event / travel to an event will be cancelled or restricted.


Coach/Instructor Agreement (Coming soon)
Similar to a club members waiver, a coaching agreement portrays what is/is not asked of a coach
Due Date: Prior to any involvement of Coach/Instructor
Impact: Similar to waivers, no coach is allowed to be part of the club if a coach/instructor agreement is not filled out.


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