University Fitness

Monday-Thursday 7am - 11pm
Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm
Sunday 3pm - 11pm

Rules and Regulations

  • All patrons must have valid membership on file in the Recreation Sports Office/University Fitness Center.
  • Proper ID (Hawk Card, Community Membership card or Guest Pass) is required to enter all facilities.
  • All individuals work out at their own risk.
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed into the University Fitness Center.
  • Patrons should place all belongings in a cubby or in a locker. Recreation Sports and Facilities nor the University Fitness Staff are responsible for lost or stolen articles. Lockers are available in the hall.
  • Due to personal safety, safety of others including the staff, hygiene, and maintaining the life of the equipment the following regulations are in place:
    • Absolutely no unsupervised lifting.
    • Proper Dress Includes:
      • Appropriate attire includes T-shirts with sleeves, athletic shorts, sweats, and athletic shoes (closed toe and heal).
      • Inappropriate attire includes tank tops, jeans, cutoffs, baseball hats, dress or open toe shoes or boots.
    • No athletic brimmed/billed hats allowed in the facility, skull caps and bandannas are permitted.
    • No headphones are allowed in the strength area. Headphones may only be worn while using the cardio equipment.
    • Patrons should observe proper spotting procedures and lifting techniques.
    • Collars must be used on all free weight lifts.
  • Food, drink (other than water), and tobacco products are not allowed in the University Fitness Center.
  • Patrons are required to clean up after themselves (i.e. return weights when finished, clean-up chalk or baby powder, and wipe down machines after use).
  • Report any damaged or broken equipment to University Fitness Supervisor.
  • Recreation Sports & Facilities reserves the right to revoke privileges to anyone who refuses to comply with the policies.


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