CID Tournament Schedule November 21nd-22rd

Court 1 Court 2 Court 3
Friday, November 21st
10 AM UWW (M) vs. Missouri EUP vs. SMSU U of I (M) vs. BAMA (M)
Noon UWW (W) vs. U of I (W) UTA (W) vs. BAMA (W)
1:15PM UTA (M) vs. SMSU
2PM UWW (M) vs. EUP Missouri vs. BAMA (M)
4PM U of I (W) vs. BAMA (W) U of I (M) vs. UTA (M)
6PM UWW (W) vs. UTA (W)   In Gym 1
7:30PM EUP vs. UTA (M) SMSU vs. U of I (M)
8PM UWW (M) vs. BAMA (M) in Gym 1
Saturday, November 22nd
9AM U of I (W) vs. UTA (W) Missouri vs. UTA (M) BAMA (M) vs. EUP
11AM BAMA (W) vs. UWW (W) BAMA (M) vs. SMSU
1PM U of I (M) vs. UWW (M) EUP vs. Missouri UTA (W) vs. U of I (W)
3PM UTA (W) vs. UWW (W) GYM1
5PM UTA (M) vs. UWW (M) GYM 1 SMSU vs. Missouri
7:30PM UTA (M) vs. Bucks GYM 1

*** The Team listed first will be the away team and will wear dark, the team listed second is the home team and will wear white/light.


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