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College of Letters & Sciences: Department Chairpersons


Biological Sciences

Daryle Waechter-Brulla


Baocheng Han


Rex Hanger


Anthony Gulig

Mathematical and Computer Sciences

Julie Letellier

Languages and Literatures

Marilyn Durham

Philosophy/Religious Studies

David Cartwright


Steven Sahyun

Political Science

Susan Johnson


Joan Littlefield Cook

Social Work

James P. Winship


Lawrence Neuman

Women’s Studies

Lauren Smith



Jo Ellen Burkholder

Asian Studies

Larry Neuman

Criminal Justice

Marvin Free, Jr.

Family and Health Studies

Michael Oldani

Foreign Languages

Peter Hoff

Forensic Science

Peter Killoran

Individually Designed Majors and Minors

Elizabeth Hachten

International Studies

Anne Hamilton

Liberal Studies

Richard Brooks

Latin American Studies

James P. Winship

Management Computer Systems

Paul Ambrose

Public Policy and Administration

Susan Johnson

Race and Ethnic Cultures

Elizabeth Hachten (Interim)

The College of Letters and Sciences seeks to assist you in developing the knowledge, understanding, skills, and appreciation which will enable you to live a rich, full life as well as succeed in your chosen profession. A background of study in the liberal arts is the distinguishing characteristic of the university graduate. Whatever your vocational aspiration, your liberal arts study will heighten your potential for personal and professional development. The major and minor programs of study within the College of Letters and Sciences build upon this liberal arts background and assist you in developing in-depth understanding of your chosen field of study.

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