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Departmental Student Organizations

Association of Information Technology Professionals is an organization of students who have a strong interest in the field of data processing. Its purposes are to promote interest in and an understanding of business data processing through guest lectures, seminars and field trips to computer installations and AITP conferences.

English Club is an organization open to anyone interested in English language or literature.

French Club is an organization open to anyone interested in French language and culture.

German Club is an organization open to all students in German and to anyone interested in German culture.

The Law Society, co-sponsored by the Political Science Department and the Finance and Business Law Department, is open to pre-law students and anyone interested in the law. Students have the opportunity to attend speaker meetings and participate in field trips.

Social Work Student Organization seeks to unite the Social Work majors to promote the major, to provide a sounding board, and to act as a medium between faculty and students to facilitate major changes within the department.

Students in Physics Society is open to all students who are in physics or related fields. In 1965 the club became a student section of the American Institute of Physics, a national federation of leading societies in physics.

Spanish Club offers members cultural activities pertaining to the Spanish speaking countries to create an interest in the culture and ways of life of the Spanish-speaking world and to stimulate greater understanding and appreciation of Spanish-speaking friends the world over.

The Student Math Association (http://math.uww.edu/sma) is a student chapter of the Mathematics Association of America whose purposes are to provide students majoring, minoring or just interested in math with information pertaining to the math field, and to encourage and inform about the use of math in every aspect of life.

Student Psychology Association invites students to join psychology majors and faculty in challenging their concepts of the world and themselves through spirited interchange of ideas about psychology and its impact on the individual.

Student Sociology Association is a voluntary group whose purpose is to afford interested students the opportunity to initiate and participate in campus and professional activities.

UWW Geology Club is an organization open to any student interested in furthering the education and fellowship of students in the field of geology.

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