Dual Degree Policy

Effective Fall 2007, students at UW Whitewater may pursue two undergraduate degrees concurrently – provided that the degree programs reside in two different colleges (e.g., BA – Letters and Sciences and a BBA – Business and Economics). Students must complete all requirements for both programs, including degree, major and unique requirements; the major from either degree may be used in place of any minor required in the other degree (e.g., the business major from the BBA degree may replace the minor requirement in the BA – Letters and Sciences degree). If all the requirements are completed concurrently, both degrees will be conferred for the same term. (Note: students pursing dual degrees are not exempt from the UW System surcharge for credits in excess of 165.) Students who wish to pursue programs leading to two degrees to be conferred in the same term should declare their intent with the Graduation Examiner in the Registrar’s Office no later than the term in which they will have earned 90 credits.

  • The writing requirement fulfilled for one college is also fulfilled for the other – two not required.
  • Degree requirements may share, meaning one course can fulfill degree requirements from two colleges.

The full policy can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Dual Degrees Forms

If you are going to be completing a dual degree, please fill out and submit the form for the college of your secondary major.

College of Arts & Communication
College of Business & Economics
College of Education & Professional Studies
College of Letters & Sciences