Sample ARs & AARs

Sample ARs & AARs

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sample ars & sample aars

As of July 16, 2013, UW-Whitewater transitioned from the Advising Report (ARs) to the Academic Advising Report (AARs).

A few of the benefits of this transition:

  • The new AAR has an option to print in a .pdf format, which eliminates the need to copy and paste the AR into Word to print.
  • The online AAR is easier to read than the online AR.  Not only is the font larger, but the requirement groups can be collapsed or expanded.
  • Course completion on the online format is indicated by a large green check mark to the right of the course.
  • Requirement group fulfillment or in progress to complete final coursework for the requirement is indicated by collapsing in the online format and unbolding in the .pdf format.
  • There is less navigation to get to the report.

Samples of both formats are available by clicking the titles below. 



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