Deceased Student Education Records

Deceased Student Education Records

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FERPA rights cease upon a student's death. Accordingly, the disposition of UW-Whitewater education records pertaining to a deceased student is not a FERPA issue but a matter of institutional policy. UW-Whitewater does not permit the release of education record information of a deceased student for 25 years after his/her death unless authorized by the executor/executrix of the deceased student's estate, or the student's parents, or the student's next of kin if the student's parents are also deceased and an executor/executrix has not been appointed. However, deceased student educational records may be shared with UW-Whitewater school officials who have a legitimate educational interest as defined in the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater FERPA policy. Records may also be made available for UW-Whitewater research purposes.

For questions regarding this policy or to acquire information regarding how submit a records request, please contact the Registrar's Office.

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