Federal Benefits

Federal Benefits

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Veteran's benefits may also include tutorial assistance, if there exists a documented deficiency in any subject required for completion of a degree program. Contact the Veterans' Coordinator for an application.

Refer to the Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog for the academic performance criteria that are expected from all UW-W students, including those individuals receiving VA benefits. In addition to those rules and regulations, veterans who are receiving VA benefits should be aware of these considerations:

    • Taking a course on a satisfactory/no credit (undergrad) basis may result in an overpayment of benefits for that term if the veteran receives no credit for that course.
    • Courses taken off-campus or at another school may not count toward enrollment certification. If taking courses at two schools concurrently, veterans must notify the Veterans' Coordinator if they wish to use benefits at both schools.
    • Audit credits do not count as credits for benefit certification purposes.
    • A repeat enrollment of a "D-" or higher grade may not count for benefit level determination.
    • The University is required to notify the VA on any change of enrollment, withdrawal, and probation or academic dismissal in order to determine the effect on future and past benefit eligibility. Unless the veteran claims "migitating circumstances", they may be liable for repayment of the benefits. The Veteran should contact the Veterans' Coordinator to determine the effects of the change before the action is taken, and if "mitigating circumstances" can be claimed, file a statement of those circumstances. The veteran may be required to return benefits paid for the pursuit of the course or courses from the start of the term, not from the date the course was dropped or the withdrawal was processed.
    • Veterans/dependents must contact the Veterans' Coordinator to receive continuous pay each term.


    Federal Benefits Summary

    Chap 30 Montgomery GI Bill (for Active Duty Personnel and Veterans since 1985)

    Chap 31 Vocational Rehabilitation Program

    Chap 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill Program

          -The Yellow Ribbon Program

    Chap 34 GI Bill (Vietnam Era - Now "Super 30")

    Chap 35 DEA (Dependents' Educational Assistance Program - Spouses and Children)

    Chap 1606 Montgomery GI Bill (for Reserve and Guard Members Since 1985)

    VA Work Study Program

    VA Tutoring Program

    Veterans Choice Act



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