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Wisconsin GI Bill Information, Forms, and Instruction Packet 

The packet above contains the following forms:

  • Application for Wisconsin GI Bill Benefits and Residency for Tuition Purposes (WDVA Form 2029)
  • Request for Certification for Wisconsin GI Bill (WDVA Form 2030)
  • Wisconsin GI Bill Eligibility Determination Application (WDVA Form 0001)


Wisconsin GI Bill Changes

Wisconsin GI Bill FAQs

Cumulative GPA Requirement:

  • Effective January 2014, any student using the WI GI BIll must maintain a minimum 2.0 Cumulative GPA in order to remain eligible for the WI GI Bill benefits.
  • Transfer students will have their transfer cumulative GPA applied for the first term, if necessary, of enrollment. Thereafter, the UW-W cumulative GPA will only be used.

NOTICE: The Wisconsin GI Bill does not cover all educational costs (ie, textbook rental, special course fees, etc.). Information on what programs and the amount of tuition and fees costs that are covered can be found at the following website: Wisconsin GI Bill FAQs. You can also check with either the Veterans' Certifying Official (262-472-1570, nordinj@uww.edu) or Student Accounts (262-472-1373) to determine which tuition/fees are not covered.



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