How to Change a Major or Minor

How to Change a Major or Minor

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1. Click on Records and Enrollment.

2. Click on Career and Program Information.

3. Click on Student Program/Plan.

4. Enter the Students ID.

5. Click on "Search". If the student has more than one career it may be necessary to select the appropriate career (link) from the Search Results.

6. Verify that you are in Include History mode.

7. Add a New Row using the "Plus" button.

8. Enter PCAC, PCBE, PCED, or PCLS (select the option appropriate for your college) in the Program Action Field.

9. Enter STRQ (Student Request) in the Program Action Reason field if appropriate.

10. If necessary Change the Academic Program (ACUG, BEUG, EDUG, LSUG). Enter the Admit Term and Requirement Term.

10. Click on the Student Plan tab.

11. Using the second scroll barscroll to find the student's Major or Minor that you are changing.

12. Delete (Minus button) that row. Add a new row using the "Plus" button. If the student only had one row it is not necessary to add a new row.

13. Search (using the Magnifying Glass button) for or enter the code for the Major/Minor.

14. Update the Plan Sequence number with the appropriate value from below.

15. Update the Requirement Term as appropriate. Usually the current or upcoming term.

16. If you changed a students Major Click on the Student Sub-Plan tab. Search (using the Magnifying Glass button) for or enter the code for the SubPlan. Not all majors have Sub-Plans.

17. Update the Requirement Term as appropriate.

18. Save.

Things to Remember

If necessary re-enter any minors and/or 2nd majors.

Verify that the student is active in this career. The Status appears directly below the blue line and above the Effective Date. If the Status is not active look to see if the student has additional careers. If not call the registrar’s office. Do Not process the request.

Look to see if there is a term in the Expected Grad Term field (located at the bottom of the page). If there is a term entered contact the registrar’s office to process this change.

Plan Sequence Numbers

01/10-  -1st Major

11-          -2nd Major

12-           -3rd Major

41-           -1st Minor

51-           -2nd Minor

52-           -3rd Minor

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