How to Assign an Advisor

How to Assign an Advisor

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Update an Existing Advisor

1. Click on Records and Enrollment.

2. Click on Student Background Information.

3. Click on Student Advisor.

4. Enter the Students ID.

5. Click on Search .

6. Insert a New Row using the "Plus" located to the right of the Academic Institution Field. This will insert a new Effective Dated Row.

7. Scroll to see if the Advisor type you wish to update is present. If not,  add a new row and select the appropriate Advisor Type.

8. Enter UGRD or GRAD for Academic Career

9. Enter the Student's current Academic Program

10. Enter the student's current Academic Plan

11. Enter the ID number of the Academic Advisor.

12. Save.

Assign a Students First Advisor

1. Select the Appropriate Advisor Role value

2. Enter UGRD or GRAD for the Academic Career

3. Enter the Student's current Academic Program

4. Enter the Student's current Academic Plan

5. Enter the ID number of the Academic Advisor.

6. Save.

Things to Remember

Use tomorrows date if a change has already been done using today’s date.

If entering an advisor other than for a first major enter the program for the 1st major and the code for your major or minor.

Potential Errors – if the plan listed on the advisor page does not match the students’ plan you will not be able to save. It may be necessary to use the magnifying glass to select the code listed as Active. You may also have to click “OK” on the warning message before saving. If you receive a different message and are not able to save check to see if you have two rows. One with the data you updated and a blank row. In this case you should review the data the student had originally (before your updates) and re-enter any minor or other major advisors (if still applicable). If the student only has one major, does not have a licensure advisor or a minor advisor you may delete the second blank row and save.

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