How to Assign Class Permissions

How to Assign Class Permissions

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1. Click on Records and Enrollment

2. Click on Term Processing

3. Click on Class Permissions

4. Click on Class Permission Numbers

5. Enter the appropriate Term

6. Enter the Subject Area for the Class

7. Click on Search.

8. Click on the appropriate link from the search results.

9. Use the Scroll bar to find the correct section

10. If permission has never been given for this section, enter the Students’ ID in the blank ID field. If there is not a blank ID field (permission has been given previously to a student) click the "Plus"  to add a new row, enter the student's ID number.

11. Click Save.

Additional Information

Class Permissions Overrides

Only the selected permissions will be overridden!

Closed Class: Overrides Capacity

Requisites Not Met: Overrides CoRequisites and Pre-Requisites

Consent Required: Overrides Department and Instructor Consent

The Following Overrides are not used at UW-W Career Restriction: This check box would allow a student to enroll in a course outside their career. However, the enrollment security access will prevent this. Students who wish to enroll in Grad level courses will still need to be enrolled by Graduate Studies.

Permission Time Period: This would allow a student to enroll early. At UW-W we allow students to do this with Priority Registration.

Entering a Date in the Expire Dt field will limit the amount of time a student has to register for the class with permission.

If you do not Enter a date in the Expire Dt field it will populate with the default date. The default date is located at the top of the page.

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