How to Print Grade Rosters

How to Print Grade Rosters

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1. Click on Curriculum Management.

2. Click on Grading.

3. Click on Print Grade Roster.

4. If applicable, click Search and choose a previously created Run Control ID or create a new one by clicking Add a New Value.

5. Select UWWTW for the Academic Institution.

6. Enter the appropriate Term.

7. Select Final from the Grade Roster dropdown.

8. To Print a Grade Roster for a Specific Class Click the box next to Specific Class.

9. Enter or search for the appropriate class number.

10. To Print all Grade Rosters for a Department Enter or search for the Academic Organization code.

11. Click Run.

12. Select PSUNX from the Server Name dropdown.

13. Click OK .

14. Click on the Report Manager Link.

15. Click on Refresh. Until your request shows in the Report List with a Status of Posted.

16. Click on the Details link.

17. Click on the link that ends with .PDF This will open a new window. Use the Printer Icon to print.

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