How to Print Grade Rosters

How to Print Grade Rosters

Ask a complete question, like "How do I obtain my transcripts?"


1. Click on Curriculum Management.

2. Click on Grading.

3. Click on Print Grade Roster.

4. Click on Search.

5. Select UWWTW for the Academic Institution.

6. Enter the appropriate Term.

7. Select Final from the Grade Roster dropdown.

8. To Print a Grade Roster for a Specific Class Click the box next to Specific Class.

9. Enter or search for the appropriate class number.

10. To Print all Grade Rosters for a Department Enter or search for the Academic Organization code.

11. Click Run.

12. Select PSUNX from the Server Name dropdown.

13. Click OK .

14. Click on the Report Manager Link.

15. Click on Refresh. Until your request shows in the Report List with a Status of Posted.

16. Click on the Details link.

17. Click on the link that ends with .PDF This will open a new window. Use the Printer Icon to print.


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