How to Avoid Common Data Entry Errors - Schedule of Classes

How to Avoid Common Data Entry Errors - Schedule of Classes

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When entering the Schedule of Classes on line, the following are areas in which errors commonly occur. Please take extra care with these areas:

1. Section numbers: must be two digit. 01, 09, 10 etc.

2. Class Association numbers: must be changed to match the section number. 01 = 1 (default); 02 = 2; 03 = 3, 10 = 10, etc.

Exception: Multiple Component Classes. Use one Class Association number for each grouping.

3. Topic Titles: Must be all caps. Topic Titles are an extension of the course title and all UWW course titles are all caps.

4. Sessions: Please be sure that you are putting classes in the correct session. Regular semesters have three sessions: Regular, Eight Week One, and Eight Week Two.

-If you have a class that falls into one of the short sessions, code that session on the basic data page in the Session field as either 8W1 or 8W2. Don’t just change the dates. Add/drop, grade basis and refund dates are all based on the session, not the Start/End dates of the class.

-Summer: Summer has 10 different sessions which vary in length from 3 week, 6 week, 9 week to12 week. Use the session code that matches the dates of the class as closely as possible. See the Summer Schedule of Classes memo or the Academic Calendar for summer dates and sessions. Once again, add/drop, grade basis, and refund deadlines, as well as grading dates, are based on the session code.

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