WINS Department How-to's

WINS Department How-to's

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1. Sign in to WINS.

2. Click on Self Service.

3. Click on Faculty Center.

4. Click on My Schedule.

5. If you need to view a different term click on the "Change Term" button.

6. Access the Grade Roster. This is located in the far left column, next to Class Roster.

7. Enter Grades in the Roster Grade field next to the student’s name, while still in the approval status of Not Reviewed.

8. Recommended: Periodically save your work. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the Save button to save your work.

9. Review your work. Click on the dropdown button next to any incorrect grade and select the correct grade.

10. Change the Approval Status to Approved and Save. The dropdown box surrounding the grades you entered will disappear. On Save the following message will appear

*Grades will not appear in the Official Grade column until they have been posted. (Posting is done by the Registrar’s Office after grading has ended.)

Things to Remember

  • Grades are posted at 4:00PM on the final day of the grading period. You are not able to change any grades in WINS after they have been posted. See the Academic Calendar for deadlines.
  • You can make changes to Grade Rosters up until the deadline. If a change of grade is needed you must change your roster status to Not Reviewed Status, make any changes, change the Approval Status to Approved, and Save.
  • You must complete a Grade Change Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office to change any grade that has been posted.
  • Valid grades For Undergraduates:

A = Superior

A- = Very Good

B+ = Very Good

B = Above Average

B- = Above Average

C+ = Above Average

C = Average

C- = Below Average

D+ = Below Average

D = Poor

D- = Poor

F = Failure

L = Nonattendance

I = Incomplete

S = Satisfactory

NC = No Credit

X = Audit

  • Valid grades For Graduates:

A = Superior

AB = Very Good

B = Good

BC = Average

C = Below Average

D = Poor

F = Failure

I = Incomplete

IP = In Progress (for thesis only)

L = Nonattendance

S = Pass (used in Pass/Fail grading basis)


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