WINS Department How-to's

WINS Department How-to's

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HOW TO SUBMIT an online GRADE change form

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1. Sign in to WINS.

2. Click on Self Service.

3. Click on Faculty Center.

4. Click on My Schedule.

5. If you need to view a different term click on the "Change Term" button.

6. Access the Grade Roster by clicking the Grade Roster Icon to the left of the Course. This is located in the far left column, next to Class Roster.

7. In the Section called Grade Roster Action, Click the link called Request Grade Change.

8. To the right of the correct student, click the Grade Change link.

9. On the Grade Change Request Screen, select the new grade from the dropdown and click the magnifying glass to choose a reason.

10. Click Submit.  

11.  For another grade change from the same grade roster, click Return to List on the right in yellow or click grade roster at the top or bottom of the page.  To change the term and/or course, click My Schedule at the top or bottom of the page.

Things to Remember:

  • Incomplete to regular grades will be sent directly to the Registrar's Office upon submission.  After Incompletes have been lapsed by the Registrar's Office, a regular grade change must be submitted for approval. The previous grade is indicated on the Grade Change Request page. 
  • For a regular grade change, the approval of the chair is required through the 5th week of the following term.  The grade change will be automatically forwarded to the appropriate chairperson based upon the course information and the date.
  • For a regular grade change, beginning the 6th week of the following term, both the approval of the Department Chair of the Course and the College Dean of the course are required.  The grade change will automatically be forwarded to the Chair and then the Dean based upon the course information and the date.
  • The Chair and the Dean will receive an email notification when there is a grade change waiting for approval in their worklist.
  • The instructor will receive an email if the grade change was denied or approved.
  • The student will receive an email from the Registrar's Office once the grade change is processed. 

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