How to Browse the Catalog

How to Browse the Catalog

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Browse Catalog

1. Click on Search for Classes in the upper right hand corner of your student center.

2. Click the tab that says Browse Course Catalog at the top of the page.  

3. Choose the letter that corresponds with the subject area of the course.

4. Choose the subject area of the course you are looking for or to search courses under that subject.

5. Find a class you are interested in.

Note: By browsing the catalog, not all courses listed are offered each term. You can find out when courses are offered by viewing additional course information within the catalog in WINS.

Class Details

Once you select a course, you can view additional information about that course.

  • Click on the course name. It will give you more information on the course such as how many credits its worth, the professor, detailed explanation about what the course entails and so forth.
  • Click on View Class Sections. This will allow you to choose the terms to take the course.
  • Choose the term. Use the drop down box below the course information to select the term that you are interested in taking the course to see if it is available and if so, when. 
  • Click show sections. This will provide you with all sections offered for the term you selected, meeting times and dates of the course.

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