How to View and Print an Unofficial Transcript

How to View and Print an Unofficial Transcript

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Click here to log into WINS 

Accessing your Unofficial Transcript

1. Click on Self Service.

2. Click on Student Center.

3. Under the Academics section select Transcript: View Unofficial from the drop down menu.

4. Click the "GO" arrow.

5. Select Univ of WisconsinWhitewater for Academic Institution.

6. Select Unofficial Transcript for Report Type

7. Click "Go".

To print your Unofficial Transcript, use the print icon in your tool bar, or use the print function under the File menu, or press Crtl + P.


Things to Remember About your Unofficial Transcript

  • Note for undergraduate students and advisors: REMEDIAL WORK DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD ANY GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS even though it may be included in the transcript's cumulative credit totals. Consult the Advising Report for degree progress information.
  • If a class does not show a grade, then the Instructor has not yet posted the grade. 
  • The Return option, located at the top and bottom of the Unofficial Transcript, will take you back to the Unofficial Transcript request page.
  • Previously requested reports can be viewed by clicking on "View a Report You Had Previously Requested.
  • Be sure to sign out of WINS to end your session.

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