How to Use Class Permissions

How to Use Class Permissions

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Class Permission

 Class permissions are given by departments or faculty for a couple of reasons:

1. The class/course requires department or instructor consent.

  • Students cannot register for the class without permission.

2. The class is full.

  • Instructors or departments can determine if the room and other conditions will safely allow for another student to enroll in the class.

3. Pre-requisites are not met. 

  • The instructor or department can determine if a student will be able to successfully complete the class without all of the prerequisites. Typically students must show evidence of this.
  • Class Permissions are entered by departments or colleges (they do not register you for the class). Students must self-register (in WINS) when class permission is given.

Things to Remember

  • Class permissions are class or section specific. You must register for the class/section that you received permission for. You will not be able to register for other sections. (Unless they are open and you meet the pre-requisites.)
  • The class will still show as full on WINS. The class is full. The department or instructor has given permission for you to enroll in the class.
  • Students must self register for the class in WINS
  • Be sure to sign out of WINS to end your session. Before closing your web browser, sign out of WINS by clicking on Sign out, located in the top right corner of your page.

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