Common Area Damages

Common Area Damages

Students are expected to support and maintain the hall environment. When damages, thefts, messes, or other acts occur in common hall areas bathrooms, hallways, lounges, etc.), the community is jeopardized. Whenever possible, the Residence Life will hold the students responsible for all incurred charges. Students in the community can often help identify those responsible. If an individual does not take responsibility, the community as a group will take responsibility to pay for these damages. If the person(s) responsible are not identified, the community will be charged for common area damage. A charge is posted to a student’s account at the end of the academic year if the allocated billable damages are $5.00 or greater for that student.

Students who have information regarding common area damages or other safety and security information, but who wish to keep their identity confidential, can call the Residence Life Tipline at 262-472-1612.


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