Common ScenariosThe Sexual Victimization of College Women

  90% knew the perpetrator


    Sexual contact or intercourse without consent.  Only rarely extreme force resulting in injuries or a weapon is used. 


    The majority both on and off campus assaults occurred in living quarters

    More occurred off campus than on campus


    52% took place after midnight; 37% from 6pm to midnight

How many report?

    2/3 of those sexually assaulted told someone but rarely a college official.  90% of stalking victims told someone

    Less than 5% of completed and attempted rapes were reported to the police.  17% of stalking was reported to the police

Why arent most reported?

    Most common reasons for not reporting sexual assault: not serious enough to report, not clear a crime had been committed, did not want other people to know and lack of proof

    46.5% of those who experienced a completed rape defined it as rape

From the National Institute of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2000

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