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Strategic Planning Assistance

Growth-stage companies may work with a consultant from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Small Business Development Center to conduct strategic planning. The process involves meetings with the company's management team to gather background information, to identify internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats, to develop SMART goals, and to conduct an analysis of forces impacting the process.

SMART goals must be

  • Specific so they may be accomplished
  • Measureable in units, dollars, time, etc.
  • Achievable so as to protect morale and best use resources
  • Relevant in that they have a direct effect on the company
  • Time-based so they may be tracked

A Force Field Analysis will determine what forces will propel the goals forward and what forces will resist the company's efforts. As resisting forces are identified, plans for overcoming or minimizing those forces are drafted.

The SBDC consultant returns quarterly to hold team members accountable for what they agreed to do. Having an outside consultant monitor progress protects company morale and ensures objectivity.

Fees for specialty projects are quoted on per case basis. Contact the SBDC Program Manager at 262-472-3217 or for more information.