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Success Stories

New Heights

Medlink Air Helicopter

Entrepreneur Propels Aviation Business to New Heights

Whatever your mission, we'll get you ready!

That's the motto of a successful Janesville customization and repair business Helicopter Specialties Inc., recently named Aviation Business of the Year by the Wisconsin Aviation Trade Association. This award-winning business got its start in 1999 when entrepreneur Jim Freeman decided to turn his part-time business into a full-time operation.

Business Expansion

Cheryl Sment

Cheryl Sment, Interstate Sealant & Concrete, Inc.

Awarded Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year for 2010 by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Cheryl Sment received assistance with growing her business from the SBDC. Sment transformed her career from full-time nursing to owning and running Interstate Sealant & Concrete (ISC), a company that has provided sealing services for concrete highways, parking lots, and airport runways across the US since 1998.

Sment attended the SBDC Entrepreneurial Training Program in 2004 and learned how to create a business plan for growing her business. Sment said that the class helped her develop goals and objectives, look at her leadership style and focus on the bigger industry picture. In 2006, Sment joined an SBDC facilitated peer learning group, Peerspectives, which further helped her develop as a business owner.

Dream Realized

Roy Magsamen

Roy Magsamen, RM Small Engine Repair, LLC

Roy Magsamen had been repairing small engines for nearly 20 years when he decided to move his engine repair workshop out of his home and launch a full-scale business. Before leaving his employment as service manager for an auto retailer, Magsamen wanted assurance that he could earn a living as an entrepreneur. He needed to learn more about how to predict the success or failure of his proposed business.


Continued Success

Nelson Sales

Peer Networking and SBDC Consulting Support 40% Sales Increase and Job Creation

Nelson Sales co-owner, Scott Filter first contacted the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Small Business Development Center when a leadership and performance coach suggested that he consider joining the Waukesha area PeerSpectives group, a group led by UW-Whitewater SBDC director Bud Gayhart. PeerSpectives is a peer mentoring program that enables business owners of second stage companies to enhance their management resources to include the valuable perspectives of other CEOs and entrepreneurs.