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Business Expansion

Cheryl Sment, Interstate Sealant & Concrete, Inc.

Cheryl Sment

Awarded Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year for 2010 by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Cheryl Sment received assistance with growing her business from the SBDC. Sment transformed her career from full-time nursing to owning and running Interstate Sealant & Concrete (ISC), a company that has provided sealing services for concrete highways, parking lots, and airport runways across the United States since 1998.

Sment attended the SBDC Entrepreneurial Training Program and learned how to create a business plan for growing her business. Sment said that the class helped her develop goals and objectives, look at her leadership style and focus on the bigger industry picture. Later, Sment joined an SBDC facilitated peer learning group, Peerspectives, which further helped her develop as a business owner.

ISC specializes in pavement maintenance and restoration in concrete as well as asphaltic concrete. Their services include joint sealing, crack sealing, spall repair, patching on roads and airports and epoxy crack injection that is used to repair bridges.

Sment has become increasingly successful in gaining contract work since having her company designated as a certified woman-owned business with the assistance of SBDC director, Ronald “Bud” Gayhart. Sment's business has been growing and expanding its reach into other states and now employs more than 55 people. This growth was welcome, but along with the growth came challenges.

Gayhart met with Sment several times to evaluate the company's financial position, to offer input on ways to improve their bonding position, and to help the business connect to area resources that would be able to further leverage ISC's capabilities.

Sment most recently asked for input on the potential for diversifying her business into another market segment. This expansion would be a vertical integration and could provide ISC with a significant price advantage when bidding on contracts.

Sment said, "With the help of SBDC business student interns and the other resources that the SBDC provided, I was able to see what my competition was doing, what the standard expectations of my industry are and where I need to be to have the competitive edge."

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