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Business Startup Training Programs

Research has shown that entrepreneurs who receive training prior to and during the launch of their business have a far greater chance of success. The failure rate for new businesses has been estimated at about 70% to 80% in the first year. According to Dunn and Bradstreet reports, businesses with fewer than 20 employees have only a 37% chance of surviving four years and only a 9% chance of surviving ten years. Some types of businesses, like restaurants have only a 20% chance of surviving two years. Lack of business management skills and insufficient planning contribute to the majority of failures. You can increase your chance of startup success by gaining core business ownership knowledge and skills. The UW-Whitewater SBDC has information and training programs to assist you. Once you complete First Step, if you are still interested in starting a business, SBDC advisers are available to assist you with business planning and other startup challenges.

First Step to Starting a Business Online Class

Accessible to everyone via the internet, First Step is a must-take class for people thinking about starting a business and those who are new to business ownership (in business less than a year). Participants are guided through the process of evaluating their business ideas and their preparedness for becoming entrepreneurs. Those who complete First Step Online gain valuable information about what is involved in starting and operating a small business.