King/Chavez Scholars

Our Program

The King/Chávez Scholars program was initiated at UW-Whitewater in the fall of 1997. It was designed to complement the array of multicultural programs at UW-Whitewater that serve the interests and needs of first generation or low income students. The King/Chávez Scholars Program is designed to attract exceptional undergraduate scholars at UW-Whitewater. It also reflects the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater's commitment to upholding the ideals and expectations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chávez.

Our Services

  • Financial Support - Students in the program are awarded a $1,000 scholarship for their freshman year at UW-Whitewater.
  • Transition Assistance - The King/Chávez Scholars Program is designed to prepare students for the transition from high school to college and provide them with a peer group for academic and social reinforcement. The program also allows students to develop a relationship with a faculty mentor and introduce students to undergraduate research opportunities, as well as other high impact educational practices.
  • Student Engagement - Students receive specialized advising, networking opportunities, and connections to internship opportunities. The program also provides awareness to high impact educational practices such as undergraduate research and study abroad opportunities, as well as campus leadership positions and internships (Campus Assistant, Resident Assistant, Peer Mentor, Hawk Squad, etc.).

Program Outline

  • Summer Orientation: Begins the week prior to the start of the fall semester.
  • Summer Transition Program: Scholars will move into the residence halls before other freshmen. Scholars will have a comprehensive summer residential experience on the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus.

Academic Year Outline

King/Chávez Scholars will enroll in a three-credit seminar during each of the Fall and Spring semesters. They will investigate critical issues and develop preliminary undergraduate research projects. Based on the quality of these research projects, some scholars will be afforded the opportunity to attend the following conferences: American Multicultural Student Leadership Conference (AMSLC), UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Day, and UW System Symposium on Undergraduate Research.

King/Chávez Statistics

  • 85% of first-year King/Chávez Scholars return for their second year of college.
  • 60% of King/Chávez Scholars graduate within six years.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically... Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."

Cezar Chavez
Cezar Chavez

"Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore. We have seen the future, and the future is ours."