Student Diversity, Engagement and Success
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Anjali Pattanayak

Interim Director
McNair Scholars Program

Office Location:  220 McCutchan Hall
Office Phone: 262-472-2804

Anjali Pattanayak is the Interim Director of the McNair Scholars Program. She is originally from the Chicago land area. She attended Knox College to attain her Bachelor's Degree in English and Political Science and was particularly interested in how young adult, children's and fantasy literature can help readers grapple with complex social issues and help to cultivate empathy across difference. She first became passionate about working in education when she was a volunteer for the adult literacy coalition at the local community college while she was an undergraduate student. She went on to work in college access outreach before going back to school for her MA in English with an emphasis on teaching rhetoric and composition in culturally responsive ways and engaging with technology to provide more equitable access to non-traditional students. Anjali has had the privilege of working with pre-college programs, retention and transition programs, campus programming, orientation and student organizations and believes strongly in cultivating partnerships across campus to serve students holistically. She is passionate about supporting students in achieving their goals and supporting them through challenging transition periods like moving from high school to college and from college into graduate school. She is a strong believer in the power of education and the need to demystify some of the unspoken rules of college. She is a strong proponent of programs that are designed to support first generation students at all levels of education. She is currently pursuing her EdD at Edgewood College and is interested in understanding how we can build more equitable campuses through policy and practice.