Student Diversity, Engagement and Success
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Elizabeth Kim

University Honors Program/Professor of English

Office Location: 04 McCutchan Hall
Office Phone: 262-472-1269

Dr. Elizabeth Kim serves as the current Director of the University Honors Program. Her role as Director is to oversee and support a programmatic structure for the University’s high-achieving and motivated undergraduates, so that they can become innovative and reflective learners, leaders, problem solvers, and global citizens. To achieve these ends, Dr. Kim is committed to advocating for and providing multicultural and international experiences for all Honors students through Honors coursework and experiential learning opportunities. She enjoys teaching Honors students, learning from them, and simply being around them!

The other half of her job here at the University is to teach. As a Professor of English, Dr. Kim teaches courses for the Department of Languages and Literatures, as well as the Race and Ethnic Studies Program.

Dr. Kim’s interest areas in teaching and research include diversity topics, especially the intersectionality’s of race, history, and gender, as well as environmental issues and their impacts on vulnerable human communities.