The Role of Alcohol

Alcohol use does not cause sexual assault. Most of us would never have sex without consent not matter how much alcohol we drank. Alcohol is used as a device to make people vulnerable and as an excuse for abusive behavior.

Drinking alcohol does not give someone the right to sexually assault you!

Drinking alcohol does not excuse you from sexual assaulting someone else!

Alcohol does put you at greater risk to be victimized. When you're drinking, you're less able to assess risk and you react less quickly to danger. To protect yourself, keep alcohol use to a minimum, if at all.

If you have sex with someone who is too drunk to give consent, it is a felony. If you have sex with someone without their clear consent, it is sexual assault. Being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs does not excuse your behavior. You are legally and morally responsible for your behavior at all times.

Women should be aware of gender differences in the metabolism of alcohol. Because women have less muscle tissue that contains the body fluid that dilutes alcohol and because women's bodies more quickly process alcohol through the stomach and into the bloodstream, they become more intoxicated than men on the same amount of alcohol, even when they weigh the same.

As with many crimes and criminals, the perpetrator will base an attack on the element of opportunity, generally selecting a victim who appears to be vulnerable and alone at a given time and place. Most perpetrators are known by the victim and may even be an intimate partner. Many assaults are not spur-of-the-moment decisions but have been planned ahead of time.

If you chose to use alcohol, please do so safely!