This committee's purpose is to conduct regular review and assessment of the policies, procedures and practices of the institution, its administration, faculty, staff and students, along with policies issued by the Board of Regents and UW System Administration as it relates to Title IX, Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment and Intimate Partner Violence.


  • The committee shall review UW System and institutional policies, procedures, notification, disclosures and practices to determine whether students and employees are aware of and utilizing institutional policies and procedures to report, address and respond to sexual misconduct, as defined by institutional policy. 
  • The committee shall request statistical information from campus officials in regard to all reported sexual misconduct cases, review the data in order to identify patterns of behavior or incidents and modify current policies and practices accordingly. 
  • The committee will collaboratively provide assistance and support, as needed, to SAPA, which is responsible for evaluating and assessing the success of the institution's efforts toward prevention, wellness, advocacy and support to the campus community. 
  • The committee will serve in an advisory role and offer guidance to the Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators in regard to all forms of sexual misconduct.

The committee membership has representatives from:

  • Whitewater Student Government
  • Faculty Senate
  • Academic Staff Assembly
  • University Staff Council
  • Title IX Coordinator
  • Dean of Students
  • University Police
  • University Housing
  • Human Resources
  • University Health & Counseling
  • Athletics
  • First-Year Experience Office

The committee offers programs and trainings on sexual misconduct to the campus community throughout the year. Please see this page for future events.