Goal 3: Diversity and Inclusion

We will foster diversity and inclusion. 

Objective 1: We will increase the cultural fluency of our students, staff, and faculty. 

Primary Action:
Define and track cultural fluency; implement programs to enhance cultural fluency of students, staff, and faculty.  

Here's how:
Develop a mechanism that includes a definition of and metrics for measuring cultural fluency; use these to assist in the development and implementation of programs.  

Key Performance Indicator:
Increased cultural fluency as determined by definition of and mechanism for measuring it over time amongst students, staff, and faculty.    

Objective 2: We will continue to create an inclusive campus culture where different perspectives are respected and individuals feel valued.   

Primary Action:
Support and implement programs that are geared towards fostering an inclusive, respectful campus environment.  

Here's how:
Empower the Chancellor's Inclusive Excellence Committee to develop a plan for supporting, implementing, and evaluating programs that will help the campus build a more inclusive, respectful campus culture for all - students, staff, and faculty; use evaluation results to identify areas where programs can be implemented and improvements can be made.  

Key Performance Indicators:
Increased sense of belonging as determined by definition of and mechanism for measuring it amongst students, staff, and faculty.
Documentation of programs and opportunities that promote a sense of belonging for students, staff, and faculty.

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