2017-2022 Strategic Plan

Goal 4: Strengthening Resources

We will strengthen our resources. 

Objective 1: We will optimize the use of our resources and expand and diversify our sources of revenue.

Primary Action:
We are responsible for managing our resources and identifying opportunities for improvements in aligning budgets to our strategic plan.  We invest in programs to develop new revenue sources in strategic areas, such as auxiliary operations, nonresident tuition, external grants and contracts, continuing education and self-support programs, and philanthropy.   

Here's how:
By changing our budget practices we better understand our resources which results in improved decision making.  We determine the best ways to optimize institutional revenue potential by analyzing possibilities that include specific enrollment categories and combinations, institutional capacity, non-resident tuition and remissions, scholarships, outreach activities, partnerships, gifts, external grants and contracts, etc.; set targets to focus efforts and track results.  

Key Performance Indicator:
Expenditures are aligned with budgets and new revenue generating activities are implemented.    

Objective 2: We will enhance our operational efficiency and effectiveness.  

Primary Action:
Make operational improvements to ensure alignment with student needs, university priorities, institutional capacity, and UW system's CORE project on efficiencies in budget systems, human resources, information technology, and procurement.  

Here's how:
Review organizational policies, processes, and efficiencies in operations that could include areas such as student transactions, facilities, budget systems, human resources, information technology, and procurement to identify priority areas for improvement; develop a plan for improvements across all areas over time.

Key Performance Indicator:
Increased operational efficiencies based on the establishment of baseline data on identified improvement areas. 

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