Student Handbook

Drug Abuse

UW-Whitewater Responsibilities:

UW-Whitewater is bound by existing state and federal illicit drug laws and therefore cannot and will not condone the illegal use, possession or distribution of marijuana and/or illegal drugs by members of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater community.  The university assumes no legal responsibility for the choices that students make concerning use of marijuana and other illegal drugs. Any student who violates the law does so at his/her own jeopardy and is subject to disciplinary action.  More detailed information regarding internal sanctions can be found at

Student Responsibilities:

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater recognizes the freedom of students to choose the course of their actions; however, it cannot permit activities that interfere with the rights and freedoms of others. A University student is not entitled to greater immunities or privileges before the law than those enjoyed by other citizens, and they are not entitled to lesser treatment in the same case.

Counseling Responsibilities: (excludes Rock County students)

UW-Whitewater students who have been addressed by the disciplinary system for their use of / involvement with illegal drugs are often referred to the University Health and Counseling Services for an alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) evaluation. Counseling Services provides an opportunity for students to examine the impact of their AOD use and to have a professional assess whether further treatment is indicated. Counseling Services offers an initial AODA evaluation for any student and can help with the referral process if a student chooses to seek treatment. Assessments are not provided to meet legal, court-ordered, requirements. Students who are concerned about either their own or another person's alcohol or other drug use are encouraged to contact the Counseling Services at (262) 472-1305 for an appointment. All counseling appointments are confidential.  Free educational resources are also available by contacting UHCS (262) 472-1305.