Mission Statement

"Our effectiveness in the roles we play on campus is as much about who we are as what we do. Letʼs continue our learning about while learning to be."- Chancellor Telfer

Maximizing student success, including academic, personal and professional development is the primary goal of the Divison of Student Affairs at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. In collaboration with students, faculty, staff and others, the Division of Student Affairs promotes student success by creating and enriching the learning environment.

We should all strive to acquire/improve upon social and behavioral patterns that initiate new processes in our lives and those of our students. In this way, we may be indeed interrupt our way of being toward a common goal — the learning, growth and development of both our students and ourselves.


5,834 memberships in recreation sports

4,504 Students involved in Community Service

683 students registered with the Center for Students with Disabilities to receive support

$102,727 raised by student organizations in support of local community