UW-Whitewater Sustainability

Sustainability Events

The Sustainability Office participates in a variety of annual events to deepen engagement with campus stakeholders around designated topics. These programs also provide opportunities to collaborate with faculty, staff and students. To explore potential partnerships through such events and activities, email sustainability@uww.edu.

Earth Week

Earth Day has a long and proud tradition in Wisconsin since it was Gaylord Nelson, former Governor and Senator from Wisconsin, that created the holiday in 1970.  At UW-Whitewater, we have scheduled a wide variety of events to provide programming that is most relevant and interesting to students.  See the current (or most recent) schedule to learn more about our events.


RecycleMania is a national recycling competition held during the beginning of spring semester and lasts a total of eight weeks.  The goal of RecycleMania is to maximize the amount of the overall waste stream being recycled while striving to reduce the overall amount of waste being generated and encourages schools to undergo specific steps to eliminate waste.

Campus Sustainability Month

Campus Sustainability Month is celebrated every October by hosting a variety of events that raise awareness of the value of sustainability in higher education.