University Housing

UW-Whitewater University Housing is committed to incorporating sustainable practices in their operations, but also focus on providing a living environment that fosters student involvement and promotes sustainable living practices in the residence halls.  University Housing Sustainability operates their own sustainability website that is full of information on ways to get involved, facilities initiatives, and other resources.

University Housing Sustainability Coordinator

University Housing employs a student to serve as the Sustainability Coordinator for the campus residence halls to connect housing with sustainability initiatives on campus. This position is responsible for leading the team of Eco-Reps, planning and assisting with programs related to sustainability, and other various tasks that serve to develop problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and team building skills.


Each housing complex has an individual sustainability coordinator, called Eco-Reps, that educate peers on sustainability issues and campus initiatives. This is done primarily by coordinating sustainability programs and communicating with Leadership Involvement Teams, Resident Assistants, and other students in the residence halls with the support of other Eco-Reps and the University Housing Sustainability Coordinator.  If you're interested in getting involved, contact your Assistant Complex Director or Resident Assistant.

Leadership Involvement Team

Leadership Involvement Team (LIT) is an organization for students living in residence halls to get involved with their community's activities. Since we typically have an Eco-Rep position for each LIT, there are usually opportunities in LITs for students within their hall to get involved in projects or programming that help keep our campus green.

Bike Lockers

In an effort to promote a sustainable mode of transportation, bike lockers are provided in key areas near residence halls. Consider this option when deciding if you should bring your bike to campus.