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Information for Instructors Requesting S.I. and In-class tutors

Making a Request

An instructor offering a large-section of a freshman or sophomore level course with a traditional high percentage of D/F grades can request S.I. by contacting Campus Tutorial Services ideally in the middle of the semester that precedes the semester when S.I. would be provided. 

However, the S.I. model has been successfully applied and offered for a variety of other courses, including upper level classes with smaller enrollments, so all requests are considered. 

Requests can be made using our request portal found at the link "Instructors Requesting an SI Leader or In-Class Tutor." Questions can be submitted via e-mail to; if you do not receive a reply within a few days, call 472-1230.

Following Approval of Request

Once a request is approved, the instructor will be asked to assist in finding a student who has already successfully completed the course with at least a B grade to serve as an S.I. leader. This student must be available to attend all the classes and hold 1-2 weekly, one-hour long S.I. sessions. At these S.I. sessions, the group leader facilitates cooperative, interactive learning, with the emphasis on active comprehension and retention strategies, not just "repeating the lecture."  If the instructor does not have a specific applicant in mind, then internal candidates (i.e., currently-employed tutors) will be contacted, followed by a general posting on Handshake.  If an S.I. leader cannot be found, hired, and trained in a timely manner, the S.I. assignment may delayed or may not happen for the requested semester. 

Across the board, students who regularly utilize S.I. (3 or more visits in a semester) earn roughly a half a letter grade higher than their peers in the same class, so it is an effective model PROVIDED students actually attend the S.I. sessions. The more you can do to advocate and vocally support both the sessions and the S.I. group leader during your class, the better attended the sessions will be. 

Finally, while the level of instructor involvement with the S.I. group leader varies, it is important to at least maintain open lines of communication and conference when deemed necessary. S.I. leaders welcome instructor involvement and feedback in the designing of the weekly sessions.  The S.I. leader will email Lesson Plans and Artifacts on Sundays preceding the weekly sessions to the instructor for review and feedback, and the reflective write-ups following said sessions are emailed by Campus Tutorial Services Office Staff to the instructors on a weekly basis.  Campus Tutorial Services is always available to assist in all aspects of this process. 

For additional information on the training process, job descriptions, and contracts for S.I. Group Leaders, please click on "Job Information and Applications" and "Tutor Training Process" found to the left. A good summary of Supplemental Instruction can be found here. More detailed information can be found at

Special Note Regarding Supplemental Instruction Leaders in the Classroom

Supplemental Instruction leaders will serve as paid note takers during the class sessions they sit in on, but if at any point you’d like to use them as in-class tutors, please do so; past data show that when tutors are utilized by the instructors in the classroom, the students are far more receptive to working with those tutors outside of class. However, please understand that tutors, including S.I. leaders, are student workers, not teaching assistants, and cannot be responsible for classroom management and instruction, as that lies with the instructional staff. Nor can they provide collegiate coverage for instructor absence.

If an instructor has special need for an in class tutor as a proctor for quiz/exam days (for example, if the class size is large), please ask the instructor to email that request to the director of Campus Tutorial Services and the chair of the corresponding department and it will be taken under consideration. If an instructor would like to use an in-class tutor as an assistant grader ONLY DURING THE TIME THE CLASS ACTUALLY MEETS, please ask the instructor to email that request to the director of Campus Tutorial Services and the chair of the corresponding department and it will be taken under consideration. FERPA rules and restrictions makes it clear that an instructor should only be sharing student grades with you and/or including you in the grading process if there is a legitimate education rationale for doing so, and in no situation should you ever share one student’s grade with another student. Along similar lines, in-class tutors should not be the sole grader of any student’s work unless express written permission is granted by the Dean of the College the instructor works under, and in that situation, the director of Campus Tutorial Services needs to be provided with documentation of that written permission. Under no circumstances can an in-class tutor provide collegiate coverage for an absent instructor. If an instructor is absent and another faculty/academic staff member is not available to cover, then the tutor can host a special tutorial session in the Chrisman Success Center (not the actual classroom) during the scheduled class time, but it must be made clear to students that they are a tutor and that it is a special tutorial session.

Making a Request for Extra Supplemental Instruction Sessions

Typically the Supplemental Instruction Sessions are scheduled at the start of the semester and meet weekly at the same day, time and location in Mary Poppe Chrisman Success Center (or one of its satellite locations in Hyland Hall or the Residence Halls).  However, the Supplemental Instruction leaders may feel it necessary to schedule extra sessions at times, like before an exam.  In these cases, the students will be informed by class announcement and/or email.

Instructors may also request a special Supplemental Instruction session be held.  The procedure for doing so is for the instructor to contact the Supplemental Instructional leader regarding the request, and then the Supplemental Instruction leader, if willing, will make the necessary arrangements with Campus Tutorial Services.  Please understand that these sessions will be held in Mary Poppe Chrisman Success Center, and all requests cannot be guaranteed, as they depend on the amount of advance notification, room availability, tutor willingness, and other such factors.  For more information, please contact Campus Tutorial Services at