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Learning Assistant Training Process

Learning Assistant Training Before Beginning the Job

The length of this varies based on qualifications of applicant and nature of position; for example, education majors usually require less training. Along similar lines, different positions require different training.

Supplemental Instruction

Ideally education majors are hired for this position.

  • Required to read the "Active Learning Strategies" training manual and attend orientation meetings.
  • Paired with senior S.I. tutor for Tutor Mentoring.
    • Required to build content knowledge via peer and self-guided training
    • Required to attend senior tutor's S.I. sessions and reflectively journal/discuss the process.
    • After hiring, tutor will still work with his/her mentor in developing weekly lesson plans for the sessions.

Writing Learning Assistants

  • Applicant submits samples of writing to be used "tutorials" where director or a senior writing tutor models the tutorial process
  • Applicant takes grammar exam that will be used for a customized remediation plan
  • Applicant takes MLA/APA/Chicago-style documentation exam that will be used for a customized remediation plan.

Subject Area Learning Assistants (Math, Foreign Language, etc.)

The specific nature of this varies applicant by applicant; usually involves a "customized" plan based on areas of weakness. For example,

  • Peer and self-guided training to build content knowledge.
  • Development of Communication Skills
  • Learning about pedagogy of tutoring (reading, abstracting and commenting on texts and articles).
  • Faculty Sponsorship of New Tutors

On-Going Tutor Training During the Job

Even after the tutor officially begins tutoring, the training process continues in the following ways:

          • Peer and self-guided training to build content knowledge and communication skills.
          • Scripted Observations by the office staff and director
          • Tutor-to-Tutor Mentoring (both being mentored and serving as mentors)
          • Faculty Sponsorship
          • Tutor-to-Tutor Reflective Feedback Exchanges (take turns observing each other; discussion follows)
          • Tutor Development Meetings (examples include "Working with LD Clients"; "Article Presentation Forum"; "Working with International Students"; "Dealing with Difficult Clients").

If you have questions about any aspect of this process, call 472-1230 or e-mail us at