James R. Connor University Center
Information Services

Shipping Services

Shipping Box 6x6x4 $.75
Shipping Box 6x6x6 $1.00
Shipping Box 10x8x5 $1.25
Bubble Mailer 4x7 $1.00
Bubble Mailer 8.5x11.25 $2.25
Bubble Wrap $.75 for 2ft & $1.50 for 4ft
International Stamp $1.15
Small Envelope $.05
Medium Envelope $.10
Large Envelope $.15
Extra Large Envelope $.25
Packing Tape $.25 for 3ft
Stamps (Individual) $.50
Book of 20 Stamps $10.00

  • Campus Mail Drop Off: Picked up at 9:30am and 2:30pm, Monday - Friday
  • You can buy a box, package, or envelope to ship your item
  • You can buy a stamp to put on your envelope or package to ship it
  • If it's a bulkier item, we can show you how to buy a shipping label online
  • We can weigh your package to figure out shipping costs
  • You can ship out a package or letter through us if it's UPS or USPS

Mail FAQ

Can I purchase stamps at the UC Information Services Desk and how many will I need?

Yes, you can purchase stamps individually  or in a book of 20. You can also purchase international stamps. We can weigh packages and large envelopes (up to 13 oz.) to determine how much postage you will need to purchase.

Can I ship my package at the UC Information Services Desk?

Yes, as long as the package is USPS or UPS (not FedEx or DHL) you can leave it in our mailbox which is picked up twice daily (Monday - Friday at 9:30am and 2:30pm).

Are there supplies to help me ship my item?

Yes, we sell bubble wrap mailers, envelopes, cardboard boxes and Priority Flat-Rate boxes  as well as packaging tape and bubble wrap. All of these items are under $2.25 and our Information Services staff can help you assemble your package and determine the least expensive way to ship (purchasing postage vs. a Flat-Rate box).

Will my package have a tracking number?

No, if you use regular postage (stamps), a cardboard box or envelope you will not be able to track your package. The Information Services Desk has guides on how to log into the Click-N-Ship option through USPS which does provide automatic tracking and insurance.

How often does the mail get picked up from the UC Information Services Desk?

Twice a day, Monday through Friday. Once at 9:30am and then again at 2:30pm.