James R. Connor University Center
Roberta's Art Gallery

UC Quest for (AR)T

First there was Pokemon Go…Now there’s Quest for (AR)T! The UC has developed its own unique Augmented Reality Game. Learn special facts and watch awesome videos while you discover Permanent Artwork throughout the James R. Connor University Center. 


How to Access the Game: 


You must have an iPhone to play. 

  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone and download the ARIS app. 
  • When downloaded, open the app and touch the greyed out QR code to open the scanner 
  • Scan this QR Code, set up your profile, and start the Quest for (AR)t game 


How to Play: 

  • When logged into the game, read the welcome screen, and you will be sent to the map. 
  • There is a lined tab on the top right of the phone screen. Open that menu and go to quests. 
  • Pick a quest you want to explore. The quest will tell you where the art piece is located within The James R. Connor University Center. Tap on “Begin Quest” to start. 
  • Once you have found the art piece, open up the lined tab again and select “Scanner.” Scan the QR code, complete the quest. 
  • Repeat steps 2 through 4 until you are finished with all the quests. 
  • Once finished, a dialogue will pop up saying that you’ve won! 

Note: There is a map for you to access at any time for hints to locations on where certain art pieces are.

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