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Health Insurance

We strive to offer first rate, low cost health and counseling services on campus to keep our students in good health; insurance is not required to receive care. Student Assurance Services coordinates and manages the enrollment and eligibility process for UW-System schools and is available to assist those with questions. See below for further information on this plan.

Insurance Billing at UHCS

There are no fees for Counseling, Employee Assistance, or Wellness programs.

There is no cost to see a provider at UHCS. There is a fee for laboratory tests, medications, some procedures, and physicals, which are available at a reasonable cost. If a student must be referred off-campus for x-ray, specialized care, emergency room care or hospitalization, s/he will be charged by those providers/facilities.

Any fees incurred will be charged to the student bill. UHCS does not bill to insurance companies; however, the student may request a receipt to submit to his/her insurance company.
Please see our “Fees” page for more information.

Health Insurance Available for Students

If a student is not covered under a family insurance plan, we strongly recommend purchasing a plan; the University-endorsed health plan is an option. It complies with the Affordable Care Act and protects the student from potentially catastrophic health care costs.

UW-Systems contracts for voluntary health care insurance for students underinsured or not covered under another plan.Student Assurance Services coordinates and manages the enrollment and eligibility process and is available to assist those with questions. By clicking the Student Assurance Services link, you will also have access to details on how to submit claims as well as other helpful resources.

For preliminary information for domestic, international and athletics plans please use the following: (International student enrollment is processed the UW-Whitewater Office of Global Education. This brochure is for information only)

Also see the details on the Value of a Student Health Insurance Plan

Questions about the Affordable Care Act?

Your health insurance options have greatly expanded this year and include healthcare insurance plans available through the State Marketplaces and BadgerCare Plus which may be more affordable options for you.

There are significant changed in the Student Assurance Service 2014/15 Plan as noted below which were made to improve the service provider and remain compliant with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This plan balances overall cost of plan with out-of-pocket costs.

Summary of Changes:

  • The benefit maximum is now unlimited.
  • The rate structure is no longer age-rated.
  • The pre-existing condition exclusion/limitation has been removed; pre-existing conditions are now covered immediately.
  • The Pharmacey Network is now Catamaran.
  • The out-of-pocket maximum for In-network charges is $6,350/individual and $12,700/family.
  • There is no out-of-pocket maximum for Out-of-Network charges.
  • Your Insurance ID card and Phayrmacey card will be combined on one card instead of two.
  • Quarterly premium payments are available for those purchasing the plan on an annual asis.
  • The deductibles are $500 In-Network and $1,000 Out-of-Network.
  • The Hospital Inpatient copayment per confinement is $250.
  • The Physician Visit coinsurance has changed from 100% to 80%.
  • The Dental Injury benefit maxiumum has changed from $500 to $3000.
  • The Prescription Drug copayments have changed from $15/$30/$50 to $20/$50/$100
  • Includes Intercollegiate Sports coverage up to $5,000. Aditional optional coverage is available up to $90,000 at the cost of $1,000.

The annual cost of the 2014-2015 Student Health Insurance Plan is $3,986 for students, $11,598 for spouses, and $6,384 for children. This increase is partially due to a restriction on the University’s ability to age-band its student population and in part due to the voluntary nature of the plan.

Please call (800) 328-2739 if you would like to discuss the new plan offered by Student Assurance Services or refer to their website at to view the complete policy and enrollment information.

If you will or have recently lost insurance coverage, that loss of insurance is considered a qualifying event allowing you to enroll in alternative insurance policies including those through the Marketplace and BadgerCare Plus outside of the normal enrollment period. There is usually a limited window of time after coverage ends during which you will qualify and this will vary based on the insurance option. Individuals can apply and enroll in a Marketplace Plan at The online application site at is accepting applications for BadgerCare Plus. More information about changes in BadgerCare Plus is located at To have uninterrupted coverage, if you are considering an option on the Marketplace, you would need to enroll 2 weeks in advance of the last day of coverage.

If you are no longer a student or do not meet the eligibility requirements of the school policy and would like to enroll in an insurance policy for a short time (30 days up to 6 months) while obtaining a job or searching for a long-term insurance policy, please refer to the website:, click on "College Students", "Student Related Products", then "Short Term Insurance".

We strongly recommend that you carry a health insurance policy that has comprehensive coverage and can be used for services and care in the Whitewater area, outside of the hours that the Health Center is open and for services beyond what is offered at the Health Center. Common reasons that students need health insurance include x-rays and other imaging, visits to a specialist, prescription medication coverage, surgery and emergency room care. We know that not having adequate access to the health and mental health care can negatively impact a student’s ability to succeed and hope that you select an insurance option that fits your needs and provides you support during this upcoming academic year.

If you have general questions regarding accessing health care or your health insurance options contact University Health & Counseling Services at 262-472-1300 for additional information.

What to do now:
Start by making a list of things that will be important in your coverage decision, for example:

  • Know how your current health insurance plan (if any) works, whether it will continue, and when it will renew.
  • Know about your insurance coverage in the area, since many health insurance plans provide more limited benefits when you are away from your home or “out-of-area.”
  • When purchasing a health insurance plan, you should not consider premium cost alone. Plans with higher out-of-pocket expenses may have lower premiums, but a high deductible and high member coinsurance can make members reluctant or financially unable to receive necessary medical treatment.

You can access the online health insurance exchange by visiting, click on Individuals and Families, answer a few quick questions and you'll get:

  • A list of coverage options for which you may qualify
  • Answers that will help you make good decisions
  • A personalized checklist to help you get ready to apply
  • Access to a call center and chat for help

For more information:

Updated: 07/23/14