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Urinary Symptoms


At UHCS we can evaluate whether or not your urinary symptoms indicate a bladder infection or some other problem. Our lab is able to examine the urine for indication of infection and give your provider the results during your appointment. With this information your provider at UHCS can give you the appropriate treatment.

From an Expert at UHCS:

  • Urinary tract infections are common in women but not common in men. Men with UTI symptoms need further evaluation to determine if their symptoms really are UTI. If a male does have a UTI they need further evaluation into the cause.
  • Most common symptoms of a urinary tract infection include a burning discomfort with urination, feeling the sensation of needing to urinate even when there is little or no urine when you try to urinate, blood in the urine.
  • Urinary symptoms are sometimes caused by problems other than bladder infection. One of these other problems is an STI such as Chlamydia. Lab work may need to be done to distinguish UTI from other infections or other reasons for your symptoms.
  • One of the most important treatments for UTI is fluids. These should be noncaffeinated, nonalcohol and something you like well enough to drink lots of.
  • Most urinary tract infections will need treatment with an antibiotic.

- Donene Rowe, MD

More Information:

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Updated: 09/17/12