Medication Refill Request

Dear E-fill User,
UHCS will no longer be using the e-fill site for medication refill requests. All requests must now go through
Open Communicator, which is our Electronic Medical Records system. The following explains how to proceed to use
the web-portal. (You can access the web portal directly from the UHCS website).

Please note: We can only refill medications that UHCS providers have prescribed as a standing or re-fillable
order. You will need to know the name and strength of your medication prior to requesting a refill.

  1. Enter your university-assigned username and password. Click “Continue.”
  2. Enter your date of birth. Click “Proceed.”
  3. Click “Messages” from the gray sidebar on the left side.
  4. Select “New Message.”
  5. Select “I want to request a Prescription Refill.” Click “Continue.”
  6. Enter your phone number, the name and strength of the medication, the number of refills requested, and any
    additional instructions/comments.
  7. Press “Send.”
  8. Your refill will be ready for pick-up at University Health & Counseling Services 2 business days after the
    request is received. We will contact you if there will be a further delay.

Allow 2 business days for prescription refill to be ready for pick-up. No appointment is necessary to pick up your order.
Best pick-up times are on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 8:30am-11am.
No pick-up time on Wednesday and Thursday from 8am-10am. Longer waits likely at other times.

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Last Updated: 06/20/12