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Laboratory Tests

100% of students surveyed last year who used our lab rated the degree of respect shown by the lab personnel as excellent or good.

The UHCS laboratory at UW-Whitewater provides meaningful test information to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of Health Services patients. Testing is performed by qualified Medical Technologists, who also oversee and supervise other health care personnel who may perform less complex testing.

The medical laboratory at UHCS has met all criteria for Laboratory Accreditation by COLA, a national healthcare accreditation organization. Accreditation is given only to laboratories that apply rigid standards of quality in day-to-day operations, demonstrate continued accuracy in the performance of proficiency testing and pass a rigorous on-site survey. UHCS has earned COLA accreditation as a result of a long term commitment to provide quality service to UWW students.

The UHCS laboratory processes a wide variety of test requests. Some tests are performed in the UHCS laboratory and some are sent out to reference laboratories. There is a nominal fee for most of the laboratory tests. Fees can be paid at the time of the visit (cash, check or Purple Points) or can be added to the student's bill. Submission of receipts for insurance reimbursement is the responsibility of the student.

Obtaining a Laboratory Test

Most laboratory testing is done during a UHCS visit as a diagnostic aid to the health care provided. Laboratory results are conveyed to the ordering provider. The health care provider notifies students if results are abnormal.

Common Tests Performed in the Lab

  • Blood glucose testing
  • Complete blood counts
  • Monotests
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Rapid strep tests
  • Screening for STD's
  • Urinalysis
  • Cost of Lab tests

Self Referred Laboratory Testing

A few laboratory tests are available by student request, these include:

  • Anonymous HIV testing/counseling
  • Cholesterol screening
  • Rapid strep tests
  • Strep culture
  • Urine pregnancy tests

Courtesy Lab

Courtesy Lab is a service provided by the UHCS which allows a student to have laboratory testing done with written orders from his/her personal physician. After a brief visit with a provider at Health Services, at which time a "courtesy lab agreement" is signed, the laboratory will process the lab request. Results are conveyed to the ordering physician according to the information provided by the student in the "courtesy lab agreement".

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Last Updated: 12/19/2008