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What Our Students Say About UHCS

Last year 100% of surveyed students who used the health service agreed they were satisfied with the quality of care received and 100% said they would use it again if needed.

"Online appointment scheduling makes things so much easier and allows for appointments to be set up last minute."

"Very kind and very professional."

"Love having a health center on campus."

"The Health Center was great. I was in and out in no time and everyone was very kind."

"Always competent service whenever I come here. Great alternative to expensive Dr's visits."

The majority found their visit to the Health Service helpful in their academic performance/attendance.

"The staff is always very friendly, Most of the time I am seen right at my scheduled appointment. Really has improved my schoolwork and attitude on life."

100% of patients who were considering dropping out of school found their visit to the Health Services helpful in their decision to remain in school

"The doctor was very helpful in explaining what I had and what treatment was available. Also, the free samples were great for my college budget."

"Staff is concerned and nice. They do what they can to try and assist you with your needs. Dr. and staff try to get to know you on a personal level and make you feel more at home/relaxed"

"Very helpful, the health center got me on a program that takes care of my medication. Until then I had to pay for it or go without. (no insurance)"

"I think you do a great job! I like how you seem to always get people in to see someone ASAP."

" I have been to the UHCS many times while at UW-Whitewater. Each visit I am greeted by friendly staff and receive excellent, timely advice. My concerns are always heard and addressed."

Last year, 100% of the surveyed students who used the Counseling Services agreed they were satisfied with the quality of care received and 100% said they would use the service again if needed.

"These services are wonderful and I think so many people could benefit from them! Thank you so much!"

"My time here was very helpful for me to be successful in my life."

"My counselor is very attentive and I feel very versed in the areas I regularly see him for. I know my information is treated as confidential. I am always greeted by a friendly person and always feel respected here. I definitely am happy that I utilize the Health and Counseling Services here on campus. Thanks!"

100% of our clients found counseling helpful with academic performance/attendance.

"This has been the best for me. I was always scared to see someone, but I am glad I came here to the UHCS for counseling. It has helped me through a lot of my problems with school and family. If I had a choice to do it again I would. My counselor has been so helpful and very fulfilling with all my needs. You guys here at the UHCS are great! Thank you.

Of our clients who were considering dropping out of school, 100% found counseling helpful in their decision to remain in school.

"I thought my counselor was very helpful. I felt that he respected me and truly listened to what I had to say. I was hesitant about coming to counseling, but am really glad I did. I'm already starting to feel better and will keep coming back."

"The experience I have had here at UHCS has been wonderful! The staff maintains a high degree of professionalism, courtesy and respect. Coming here and working with my counselor has been such a positive experience... It has made a difference in many aspects of my health and well-being! Thank you!"

"This service has helped me out a lot. I can't afford to go to a therapist outside of school and the fact that it is free is extremely helpful."

"The environment is very non-threatening and relaxing, and I really feel more relieved after every visit. I have also encouraged friends to come here because it is an excellent relief of stress."

"I was very hesitant about coming here because I have never been through counseling, but I am so glad I finally came. It has honestly helped me so much."

" I really appreciate you providing this service for students. It's amazingly helpful! Thank you!"

"Counselor has become one of my most trusted advisors. He listens very well and his advice is professional and from years of experience. The counseling sessions are very important to me and I believe life would be different for me (negatively) if I hadn't been going to them on a regular basis. Thank you Counselors and Support Staff!"

"Counseling services does a great job giving you someone that will make you feel comfortable. I am a person who has kept everything bottled in my whole life and coming to counseling services was a move I almost didn't take but it ended up being the best move I could have ever made."

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Last Updated: 01/31/13