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Executive Director for UHCS: Richard Jazdzewski
Director for Health: Ruth Swisher
Medical Supervisor: Donene Rowe
Physicians: Judy Ciasto
Nurse Practitioners: Forrest Bright, Sandy Leicht
Physical Therapist: Michael Lenser
Medical Technologists: Germaine Olm, JoAnn Matheus
Medical Assistants: Cindy Clark, Robyne Gunderson, Leah Jurgens, Danielle Meisinger, Cindy Millian, Sue Powell, Kim Thomas, Donna Williams
Clinical Social Worker: Matt Mallin
Licensed Professional Counselor: Gwen Hering, Sharon Mueller, Natalie Pitroski
Licensed Psychologist: Jill Mallin, Terri DeWalt
Case Manager: Alisa Thompson
Wellness Coordinator: Whitney Henley
Wellness/AOD Educator: Amanda Krentz
Clinical Health Educator: Jenn Boaz
EAP Coordinator: Matt Mallin
Business Manager: Leslie Boe
Medical Program Assistants: Lois Gray, Karen Brueggeman

Alphabetical Listing:

Forrest Bright

Forrest Bright, DNP, APNP, BC
Family Nurse Practitioner
Doctor of Nursing Practice - Rush University, Chicago, IL
Master of Science - Nursing and Bachelor of Science Nursing - UW-Milwaukee
Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
Started at UHCS in 2001

"Working in College Health is a wonderful opportunity to help young adults learn health care skills to take with them throughout their lives. This population helps me keep a youthful perspective on our community and the world. I also love the diversity of the students!"

Karen Brueggeman

Karen Brueggeman
Medical Program Assistant - Associate
Started at UHCS in 1997

"I enjoy working here because of the help we offer students"


Judy Ciasto

Judy Ciasto, M.D.
Doctor of Medicine, University of Illinois 1978,
Family Practice Residency, University of North Dakota 1981.
Started at UHCS in 1990

"I enjoy taking the time to explain symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment of students."

Lois Gray

Lois Gray
Program Assistant
BBA Office Administration, UW-Whitewater
Started at UHCS in 1992

"I have always had an interest in working at a medical clinic. I enjoy working with students at the college level."

Whitney Henley

Whitney Henley, MPH
Wellness Coordinator
Master of Public Health – Saint Louis University
Started at UHCS in 2011
“Working at UW-W provides me with a great opportunity to positively impact the health and well-being of the amazing students that attend this school. I feel privileged to work with college students"


Gwen Hering

Gwen Hering, MS, NCC, LPC
Associate Counselor
BSE in Physical and Health Education
MS from UW-Whitewater
Started at UHCS in 2003

"Working on a college campus offers me the opportunity to meet and talk with a variety of college aged students. I enjoy exploring students' strengths and supporting the utilization of those strengths in the many roles college students play."

Richard Jazdzewski

Richard Jazdzewski, Psy.D., LP
Executive Director of UHCS
Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology
Licensed Psychologist
Started at UHCS in 2005

"I feel privileged to work with college students during this very influential period of their development."


Leah Jurgens

Leah Jurgens, CMA
Certified Medical Assistant
Started at UHCS in 2011




Amanda Krentz

Amanda Krentz, MPH
Wellness/AOD Educator
B.S. - Health Promotion and Wellness, UW-Steven's Point
M.P.H. - Masters in Public Health, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Started at UHCS in 2012


Michael Lenser

Michael Lenser, MS, PT
Physical Therapist
B.S. - Physical Therapy, UW-Madison
M.S. - Exercise Physiology, UW-Madison
Licensed Physical Therapist
Licensed Athletic Trainer

"I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with students, especially the disabled students in this university setting"

Jill Mallin

Jill Mallin, Ph.D., LP
Licensed Psychologist
M.A. - Psychology - The University of Akron
Ph.D. - Counseling Psychology - The University of Akron
Started at UHCS in 2006

"I enjoy working at UHCS because of the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of students."

Matt Mallin

Matt Mallin, MSSA, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
B.S.- Psychology, John Carroll University
MSSA- Social Work Case Western Reserve University

"Working with college students has easily been my favorite job I've ever had. I enjoy the wide range of issues I encounter and trying to help at a very important time in a young person's life."


Cindy Millian

Cindy Millian
Certified Medical Assistant - II
Started at UHCS in 2010

"I enjoy working with college students because of their different stories and diverse backgrounds. I really enjoy giving the care they need."



Sharon Mueller, MS, LPC, NCC
Senior Counselor
B.S. Art, UW-Madison
MS Counseling Psychology, UW-Madison
Licensed Professional Counselor
National Certified Counselor
Started at UHCS in 2010

"I enjoy the energy of college students, their curiosity and passion. It's a privilege ot have the opportunity to work with them at this important stage in their lives."


Germaine Olm

Germaine Olm, MLS (ASCP)
Senior Medical Technologist
Bachelor of Science
American Society of Clinical Pathologists certification
Started at UHCS in 1999

"I enjoy working in an academic (learning and teaching) setting. I also am proud to be a part of a group of caring professionals dedicated to the health of our student body."

Natalie Pitroski

Natalie Pitroski MS, NCC, LPC, CSAC,
AODA/EAP Counselor
B.S. – Human Development and Family Studies, UW-Madison
M.S. –Counselor Education, UW-Whitewater
National Certified Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor
Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor
Started at UHCS in 2012


Donene Rowe

Donene Rowe, MD, PhD
Medical Supervisor for Health Services
M.D. - UW-Madison
Ph.D. in Anatomy - UW-Madison
Residency at UW-Madison in Family Practice.
Board certified in Family Medicine.
Volunteer clinical faculty at UW Medical School for 12 years.
Member of the Health Board for the City of Watertown and am the physician member of the disaster response team for the City of Watertown.
Volunteer physician for the Rock River Free Clinic in Jefferson.
Started at UHCS in 2003

"It's a privilege being able to work with the dynamic group of individuals that make up the student body at UWW. We've long known in health care that we can improve people's lives so much more with preventive measures than with treating conditions once they develop. The group of students that we see at UHCS are at an age where we hope to influence their health behaviors to promote healthy lifelong lifestyles."


Ruth Swisher

Ruth Swisher, RN, MS
Director of Health
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Registered Nurse
Master of Science in Counseling,
Started at UHCS in 1979

"I enjoy the opportunity to work with growing and evolving individuals, to help plan health care in its broadest sense, to work with individuals (co-workers) committed to providing quality healthcare."

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