Academic Staff Titling Committee


To assign academic staff titles and pay grades to all academic staff.


Three members are selected by the Academic Staff Assembly for staggered terms. One must be an instructional academic staff member, and there must not be more than one from any division or college of the university. The three remaining members are ex officio members; the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; the Director of Human Resources; and Assistant Chancellor for Budget, Planning and Analysis.


Two years. Committee members appointed by the Assembly may serve a maximum of two consecutive two-year terms, or a maximum of six years if appointed initially to a partial term. Term expires July 1.

MEMBERS 2016-2017

 Academic Staff Titling Committee

Term Expires
Curt Weber (instructional)

Patricia Fragola (non-instructional)

Kristen Burton (non-instructional)


Assembly Liaison, Curt Weber

Last revision 04/11/2017