Campus Safety Committee


The purpose of the Campus Safety Committee is to create and maintain an active interest in safety through a broad scope Risk Management, Safety and Loss Control program that encourages the participation of all personnel in initiating, maintaining and improving safe practices or conditions for the UW-W campus.


The functions of the committee are defined to include, but are not limited to:

  1. Identifying unsafe work practices and conditions and suggest appropriate remedies.
  2. Conducting self-audits of both operations and facilities.
  3.  Identifying safety discrepancies and recommend corrective measures.
  4. Reviewing incident reports.  Types, severity, causes and subsequent trends shall be identified and appropriate corrective action suggested.
  5. Assisting in the development and implementation of an effective safety-training program.
  6. Assisting in the development of safety policies and recommending adoption by administration.
  7. Encouraging feedback from all employees and students with regard to safety related ideas, problems and solutions.
  8. Serving as an advisory body for campus safety issues, providing suggestions and recommendations for resolution.
  9. Providing support and serving as a resource in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive safety and loss control program.
  10. Establishing safety teams for the purpose of addressing campus risk management, safety, loss control and environmental issues by providing assistance to the Director of Environmental Health, Risk Management, Safety and Loss Control in carrying out Executive Order 194 and other regulatory mandates.


Membership shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs upon recommendation of the Director of Risk Management and Safety.  The following constituencies shall be represented:

One Representative - University Police
One Representative - Represented Classified
One Representative - Human Resources and Diversity
One Representative - Residence Life
One Representative - Center for Students with Disabilities
One Representative - Williams Center/Kachel Fieldhouse
One Representative - University Center
One Representative - General Services
One Representative - Center of the Arts
One Representative - Natural or Physical Science
One Representative - Student Rep. Recommended by WSG
One Representative - Faculty Rep. Recommended by Faculty Senate
One Representative - Non-Represented Council
One Representative - Academic Staff Rep. Recommended by Academic Staff Assembly

The Director of Risk Management and Safety - ex-officio, non-voting member of the committee shall serve as Secretary of the Campus Safety Committee.

One-Third of the membership shall be replaced annually starting in fall 2000 based on the initial appointment and being designated first, second, or third appointment sequence. Members are eligible to serve two 3-year terms. New representatives from the established areas will be appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs.

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A full Campus Safety Committee will be held regularly at a frequency of no less than twice per semester during the academic year (four times per year).  At least one Safety Committee meeting shall be held for the purpose of providing committee members with education/training on issues relevant to their duties.


The officers of the Campus Safety Committee shall consist of a Chairperson elected from the voting membership and a Secretary fulfilled by the Risk Management and Safety Office.  Clerical and logistic support can be provided by the Risk Management and Safety Office.  The Chairperson will be elected on the last meeting of the academic year (and will serve a two-year term as Chair).


The duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson include:

  1. Presiding at the meetings of the Campus Safety Committee
  2. Reviewing and approving the proposed agenda prior to scheduled meetings.


The duties of the Secretary include:

  1. Planning the agenda of the meetings based upon the recommendations of the members.
  2. Recording and preparing the minutes of the Campus Safety Committee.
  3. Submitting copies of the minutes of the meetings and other pertinent information to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs, all members of the Committee and other parties as indicated by the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs.  The minutes are not limited to, but should include the following items:
    1. Date and time of the meeting
    2. Names of persons attending
    3. Names of members absent
    4. Corrections to minutes of the last meeting
    5. Old business - Review matters carried over from the last or previous meeting
    6. New business - Action necessitated by committee reports or other members of the Committee
    7. Announcements - Date and time of next meeting
    8. Time of adjournment
  1. Making the proper arrangements for the meeting room at the proper time prompted.
  2. Sending out notices, agendas and minutes of the meetings to the appropriate persons to comply with the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law.
  3. Handling any of the correspondence or directives developed by the Campus Safety Committee.
  4. Acting as Chairperson in the event that the Chairperson is not available.


Last revision 5/20/2008