Chancellor's Committee on LGBT* Issues


The function of the Chancellor's Committee on LGBT* Issues is to offer advice and assistance to the Chancellor, Provost, and Equal Opportunity Officer, ensuring that the voices of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender* (LGBT*) employees and students are heard and that equal opportunities for LGBT* employees and students continue to be carried out as fundamental responsibilities of the institution and are carried out appropriately in all aspects of employment and student life. A key role of this committee will be to advise university officials and students on the educational programs, services, and policies needed to achieve equal opportunities. The committee shall monitor implementation of the responses to the Chancellor's Committee on LGBT* Issues recommendations and continue to assess the changing needs of the campus LGBT* population.

The committee meets on a monthly basis. It also provides support for the Safe Zone Program. This program provides a safe, comfortable setting for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender* community to speak freely and openly about issues they experience.


The LGBT* Coordinator chairs this campus-wide committee, which often has representation from the following areas:

Academic Affairs
Academic Staff Assembly
Administrative Affairs
Center for Students with Disabilities
Classified Staff
College of Arts & Communication
College of Business & Economics
College of Education & Professional Studies College of Letters & Sciences
Faculty Senate
IMPACT (advisor)
IMPACT (student representative)
PB Poorman PRIDE Resource Center
Police Services
Residence Life
Student Affairs
University Health & Counseling
University Marketing & Media Relations Whitewater Student Government
Women's Issues Committee/Women's Studies


Stephanie Selvick (Chair), LGBT* Coordinator

*No single acronym will capture the diversity of identities related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and their intersections. A sample of related terms includes queer, questioning, genderqueer, pansexual, two-spirit, same gender loving, fluid, intersex, asexual, etc.